I always wondered if someone would build a clutch-by-wire system like this where there’s a gear shift and a clutch, but not physically linked to the drivetrain. This Koenigsegg gearbox sounds like just the thing. The problem now is that we’re all switching to gear-less electric motors, so will this come to electrics too? Make ‘em feel like a Miata? I guess Dodge is going to try with the eRupt.

Holy Shift! Koenigsegg’s New Transmission Is a 6-Speed Manual *and* a 9-Speed Automatic:

"We still are in the process of developing it, but it's already crazy good. When we are done with it, I don't think anyone will be able to tell it apart from a traditional manual. That's the objective. It should feel like a mix between a Mazda Miata and a Ferrari gated shifter. The best of the two worlds."